Case Studies - Medical Practice

The Challenge:

A regional medical practice needed to update to electronic medical records (“EMR”), and had to securely preserve its old records for seven years.

How iDox healed their pain:

With a limited timeframe and no tolerance for unscheduled downtime, the medical practice needed urgent care. While EMR providers will install and configure their software, they won’t provide hardware support or other general troubleshooting – that’s where iDox was needed.

First, iDox performed a free consultation, examined the existing systems and determined what needed to be done to support the EMR’s. We consulted with the office manager and doctors to determine how they wanted to enter new patient information after the system was implemented, and made arrangements for laptop stations in each exam room. We worked with the internet service provider (the cable company) to increase bandwidth to the office, and configured a backup solution should the cable go out.

iDox worked directly with the EMR provider to coordinate hardware and software upgrades, ensuring everything was ready for the install date. When the day arrived, iDox was on site during the EMR installation, supervising the technicians and helping troubleshoot any integration issues. After the installation was completed, iDox was on call to assist the staff with any questions or implementation issues.

iDox found and implemented a scanning solution that enabled the practice to digitize all of their paper files, and a secure off-site (HIPAA compliant) storage solution for the newly-digitized records. We also implemented local security procedures that ensured privacy and security for all of the data.

If your office wants to move to digital records, iDox will:

  • Schedule a free consultation to determine what needs to be upgraded in advance of the EMR implementation;
  • Work directly with the EMR provider to ensure a smooth transition;
  • Help digitize and preserve paper records;
  • Provide training and on-call support to office staff, support staff, and doctors.

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