Case Studies - Law Firm

The Challenge:

A law firm wanted to modernize the way their employees communicate, and wanted to expand both their social media and website presence.

How iDox counseled the counselors:

A law firm is a high-pressure environment with little tolerance for downtime or interruption. By providing cost-effective solutions, and communicating in plain English, firm managers were able to make quick decisions that helped their business.

iDox first diagnosed the issues: we went to the office for a free consultation and examined the equipment and systems they were operating, met with key managers, and determined a scope and timeline for the upgrade project. While on site, iDox also performed a house call, fixing problems that had been nagging some of the office staff – a smartphone that wouldn’t receive email, an iPad that couldn’t access cellular data, and a problem converting Microsoft Word documents to PDF without losing formatting.

The firm’s systems were aging, and attorneys were having difficulty effectively communicating with each other and with staff while always on the move. iDox prescribed a new integrated email, contacts, and calendar system to enable easier sharing of information between smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and implemented security checks to make sure the information remains confidential. iDox also implemented a secure unified backup service for the firm, so they could rest assured that their case and client files were always safe.

iDox began managing the firm’s website and planning an effective redesign that improved the ease of navigation. We also established law firm Facebook and Twitter accounts to post relevant firm news and interesting articles.

Finally, iDox scheduled individual phone consultations with each attorney to establish a plan to create, manage and update work-related social media accounts. Every time an attorney did something noteworthy or identified an interesting topic, it was posted to their various social media pages, resulting in increased prominence for each attorney, as well as the firm in general.

If your office is in a similar situation, iDox will:

  • Schedule a free house call to examine everything on site and come up with a treatment plan;
  • Implement that plan with as little disruption to the business as possible;
  • Provide comprehensive training to help ease employees into new technology;
  • Remain on-call to deal with any future issues.

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