Case Studies - Home Office

The Challenge:

A client wanted to establish a home office, but didn’t know where to begin.

How iDox created the ideal solution:

Creating home offices can be stressful and overwhelming – what systems are needed, what providers to use, how to ensure interoperability with business partners – these are all questions that needed answers before the project could begin.

First, iDox consulted with the client, inspected the home office space, and determined how the client envisioned working from home. We reviewed options for types of computers, what peripherals were needed, and how she wanted everything arranged. We also spoke with representatives from the client’s remote partners to ensure that everything would operate well together.

Next, we procured all of the equipment (including a laptop, dual monitors, professional software, printer and scanner), installed everything, setup a new router and backup solution, and then configured the client’s existing software to work with the new equipment. We transferred all existing data to the new machine, and repurposed the old computer for her family. iDox configured the new machine to be secure, so that family members or guests could not see or change any business data.

We walked the client through the new setup, explaining everything and going through common tasks as she jotted down some notes. iDox even accompanied the client to purchase a new cellular iPad Air, configured it to share her existing data plan, and integrated it with her email, pictures, music, and office software.

When iDox realized that the client’s existing internet connection was insufficient, iDox investigated her options, presented them, and came up with a good solution. We dealt with the phone company to get new, faster, fiber optic internet and TV service to the house, leaving the client free to work without unnecessary hassle. iDox was on-site to supervise the installation when the company arrived with new equipment, and was able to seamlessly configure the new modem to work with the existing office setup.

If you want to establish, renovate, or improve an office, iDox will:

  • Schedule a convenient time to meet, go through the space and discuss the goals, and then present options that fit the requirements;
  • Work within a budget to procure all equipment, and then work within your time constraints to install it when it is most convenient;
  • Provide comprehensive training and tutoring – explaining anything about the new technology, and helping with any common tasks;
  • Act as intermediary with phone, TV, and internet providers to establish new service, modify existing service, or troubleshoot problems;
  • Configure email accounts, backup solutions, and peripherals;
  • Support any smartphones or tablets, including working with service providers for any troubleshooting.

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