Case Studies - Country Club

The Challenge:

The Club needed some rejuvenation. In the digital area, iDox created a new website, and a new way for members to connect.

How iDox teed them up:

We first had discussions with the general manager and department heads to determine what they wanted to see on the site, and how they envisioned the members would utilize it. With our goals and budget in mind, iDox created sketches, outlines, and site maps, to get the ball rolling. Through several meetings, we were able to settle on a general design, and site construction began. Each division provided content, and iDox made the site flow smoothly. In a few weeks, the site was functional.

iDox brought in a leading provider of country club digital services to create the member portal and communication areas of the site. All members created accounts, and were able to access everything from their account statements to a directory and the club events calendar online. The site was also optimized for mobile devices, so everything was available at the members’ fingertips.

iDox was also available to assist with any technical problems, whether or not they were related to the new site and member portal. From stubborn network printers to crashing computers, iDox fixed the little things that made a big difference.

If your business needs a new spark, iDox will:

  • Perform a free assessment and consultation regarding your needs;
  • Design and create a new website that fulfills your wishes while staying within your budget;
  • Improve search engine optimization and implement digital marketing to improve your digital presence;
  • Consult with industry specialists to implement e-commerce, communication, or database solutions;
  • Provide any other technical support you might need.

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