About Us

iDox. Sounds like a reference to your eye doctor? Well, that’s our intention. iDox is a team of high tech/highly engaged marketing and technology innovators that will review your case, diagnose your problems and provide prescriptions that heal your pain.

Most importantly, iDox comes to your business or home to tackle all of your technology needs face to face.

Whats In A Name?

When you go to the doctor you want things explained in plain English. iDox speaks your language. We take complicated, intimidating, and confusing matters and make them simple, so you can focus on what matters most.

Our Objectives

iDox focuses in three different, but related areas:

  • Technology Advising, Consulting, and Planning;
  • Management of Your Online Presence;
  • Digital Marketing.

Frustrated by Technology and IT professionals who seem to speak their own language?

We Speak Your Language

iDox will help your business navigate the new world of social and non-traditional media by helping you understand the options. We manage the tools and provide advice to enable you to use technology to grow your business. We do it all in plain English.

Get In Touch

Please contact us anytime by submitting a request or calling for immediate assistance.